Book Formatting

Interior formatting is what the inside of your book looks like: chapter titles, page numbers, images, title pages, etc. I'll work with .doc, .docx, .odt, or .epub files for both eBook and print book formatting (though I prefer .odt and .epub files). I'm willing to convert them into .pdf files if that's needed. Most publishing places want or will accept these types of files.


I offer a couple of different options for both print and paperback formatting:

Basic Option


Includes front matter (including title pages, copywrite page, map pages, table of contents, and dedication page), back matter (including acknowledgements and about the author page), 1-4 part heading pages, 1-10 chapter headings, page numbers and page headings.

Additional Backmatter Option


Everything in the basic package, plus an appendix, author interview, and/or preview for the next book(s). If you have any of these in your back matter, choose this option.

More Chapters or Parts

Add $2 to either option for every chapter after 10, and for every part heading page after 4.

Chapter Heading Doodles

$10 per image

These are just little doodle images I can add to chapter headings. If you provide me with your own images I won't charge you, but if you want me to create some they're $10 each (per image, not per chapter: if you want me to make one image to use on every chapter in your book, I'll only charge $10 for it). These will be small, simple, and black & white.

If you have additional sections not mentioned here that also need formatting, or want additional options, mention this in the order form and we'll work something out!


Once I have all the information I need from you, before I do any actual formatting, I will send you five sample pages:

  1. a title page
  2. a table of contents
  3. a chapter start page
  4. a middle-of-the-book page
  5. a part header page

You only get three free revisions before the final format, so make sure you know what you want!

If you need to change some things in the text (fix a few typos or make some minor revisions), I would be happy to fix those for you and send you a revised copy as many times as you need at no cost. Just make sure you tell me where to find the errors and what to change them to.

Formatting Order Form


Formatting Order Form